• I have practiced condominium and homeowner association law in South Florida for more than 30 years. Calculating the total amount of interest due accurately is much more difficult than at first it may seem.

    Association Analytics Group utilizes their analytic programming to calculate the interest due for you. With a high degree of certainty, the interest owed will be determined quickly and accurately and both the Association and its attorney, as its debt collector, can proceed with confidence and without concern about violating the debt collection laws.

  • I had never previously heard of a service such as yours, but when I learned that Association Analytics Group will calculate the interest due on our delinquent accounts in accordance with Florida Statutes at no cost to our association, I had to give it a try. Right from the beginning we have seen the benefits of your service pay off. Our delinquencies have declined significantly, our cash flow is more predictable and we have additional funds for our community. I wish we had started this years ago.

    Based upon the results we have achieved, I highly recommend your service to every association

    Property Manager

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