Notice of Late Assessment

Florida community associations start the formal collection process by sending the delinquent owner a written Notice of Late Assessment. The Notice must specify the amount owed the association, including, if applicable, late fees and interest charges.

If you struggle, or spend too much time calculating the delinquent amounts by category, we can help you. Our system analyzes an owner’s account ledger and calculates the maximum amount of interest charges permitted by statute and provides a breakdown, by category, of all amounts owed.

Association Analytics Group relieves associations, attorneys, property managers, and debt collectors from the tedious and error prone process of calculating the breakdown of amounts owed by category.

Association Analytics Group can provide the results of our calculations in two formats, the Report format or the Notice of Late Assessment format. The Report format shows a breakdown, by category, of all amounts contained in the ledger. The Notice of Late Assessment format can be customized to the unique requirements of each sender and contains the data required by statute.

We can calculate the breakdown of amounts owed, by category, at any time throughout the collection process.

Samples of both formats can be seen by clicking the links below.